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February 2001

Program:"The French Connection: The Rise of the Gourmet Kitchen in America"

John Ferry is a CHoW member, writer, and culinary consultant for historic house museums. After majoring in hotel, restaurant, and institutional management at Michigan State University, and earning Advanced and Graduate diplomes at L'Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne in France, he was a chef in the Chicago area, Santa Barbara, and Seattle before moving to Virginia. Currently, he is focusing on academic and practical research concerning cooking practices of the late Colonial and early Republic periods.

Future Meetings

March 11: 18th-century hearth cooking at Gunston Hall with Bob Magee and Brigitte Martin.

April 12: CHoW cooperative dinner. We need to decide on a historical dinner to replicate. Please give your ideas to Francine Berkowitz.

May 20: Warren Belasco will bring us "Food in Popular Music."

Report: January 12 Meeting

Sally and John Waltz brought a "whatzit" that stumped everyone, even after John demonstrated how it was designed to be carried. It was a broadcast seeder, used to sow very small seeds, as for timothy hay. Gina Jenkins brought in a flat, pierced, blue-and-white porcelain piece that we guessed was to be used on a platter. It was used for serving asparagus, said Gina, and Angela Saunders suggested it might be a mazarin.

The late 19th-century fad of organizing fashionable meals around a particular color combination or a single color was re-created with our meeting theme of white foods that evoked memories. There was a variety of white foods, ranging from blanc mange in one of its very early forms (chicken and almonds for invalids) to a white bread-and-marshmallow fluff sandwich, and the opportunity to taste them all was accompanied by amusing anecdotes or memories offered with each contribution.

News Of Our Members

To date, we have 111 members and six subscribers. Our new membership directory for 2000- 2001 is complete and has been mailed under separate cover to all current members.

News of Other Organizations

March 18-20: "Dinner is Served: The Dining Room in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries," a symposium in New Bern, NC, will be presented by the Tyron Palace Commission and East Carolina University. Information about this very appealing and interesting symposium has been sent to us by Nancy Carter Crump and a registration brochure will be on the Reading Table at the February meeting.

Green Spring Gardens Park (4603 Green Spring Rd., Alexandria VA) has two Tea Programs scheduled for February:
Sunday, February 18, 1-3 pm. "Martha Washington Tea." Lisa Scruggs, tea consultant, will demonstrate how tea, and the food to accompany it, would have been served to a guest of our first First Lady.
Sunday, February 25, 1-3 pm. "The Manners, Menus, and Magnificent Accessories of Victorian Dining." Ann McCallum of Trifles and Treasures Antiques, Inc., will present a program on a multi-course Victorian meal with its charming accoutrements.
A full English tea follows all Tea Programs. Advance registration is required, and there is a fee. Call: (703) 941-7987.

Culinary Tours to Poland (May 9-24, 2001), Morocco (June 26-July 10, 2001) and Turkey (October 9-22, 2001) are being led by Joan Peterson, of the Culinary History Enthusiasts of Wisconsin. Joan is the author of the EAT SMART series of guidebooks for travelers and cookbook lovers who want to get to the heart of a country's culture through its cuisine. Brochures for the tours will be on the Reading Table.

The Book Forager

Gina Jenkins returned from Mexico City with 30 of the 50 cookbooks in the ethnographic series, all that were available while she was there. They will be given to the Culinary Collection at the Eckles Library. A number of books also were brought in by other CHoW members for the Library.

On The Reading Table

Meeting notice of the Culinary Historians of Southern California, February 2001
An enticing sample of the material that's going to appear in the first issue of Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture, due out in February from the University of California Press Journals.
Newsletter, Culinary Historians of Boston, VOl. XXI, No. 3, January 2001.
Meeting notice, The Historic Foodways Society of the Delaware Valley, February 2001.
Announcement, Radcliffe Seminars on "Food in History and Culture," to be offered this spring.